About Us


RESULTS require BIG ambitions… ~ Heraclitus

Results Marine gave us the direction in the Marine & Oceanography business, as we started our journey in this segment in the year 2004. From a modest start, we made the brand iconic due to sustained efforts, right association, and committed support to our customers. Results Marine embarked on the path of transformation couple of years ago, and as part of the process – it commenced diversification to set up new business initiatives; and streamlined its focus on Oil & Gas and Engineering Services in top side structures and subsea engineering. As part of restructuring, the Marine & Oceanography vertical has been transferred to Samhitha Marine as a going concern, to continue serving the established market.

Starting in the early 90s, we forayed in to various scientific and research markets spanning agricultural, environmental, geophysics, hydrography, industrial, meteorology and oceanography and such far and wide niche technology business environs – learning the technology, customer support, sales and marketing; over the long years with Electrotek International. The learning was truly deep rooted and the market connect it help establish – both with the customers and associates, helped grow in the next years.

Associates are our identity, we truly have the best. Customer is our visibility, we count on them. We wish to explore deep and beyond, in the marine environment.

With experience gained over the last couple of decades; Samhitha Marine is embarking its new journey – with the very same associates, customers and the team members. This transformation is unique, as it was done with mutual reflection and trust; and we believe the going will be challenging, but resourceful. With the team of experienced professionals, highly motivated staff with wide client base, we believe in what we do.

Samhitha in Sanskrit means, join together….. Together, we deliver.